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It might be here of value, my brothers, if I again laid emphasis upon the fact that the formless world is
only entered when the aspirant has acquired somewhat the capacity to center himself on the abstract
levels of the mental plane. This involves necessarily certain developments within the aspirant's own
nature. The demanded contact would otherwise be impossible. What is needed is self-exertion, the
resultant developments of which might be touched upon as follows:
I. The Repolarisation of the Entire Lower Man so that his attitude toward the aggregate of forms which
make up his field of general contact has changed. He is no longer deluded by the things of the senses
but has in his hand that thread or clue which will eventually guide him out of the maze of the lower life
perceptions into the field of clear knowledge and the realm where daylight is found; he will then no
longer need to walk in the dark. This repolarisation is brought about in four ways, each of which
provides the next step forward, and in their totality (and when definitely followed) will eventuate in the
total subjugation of the personality. These four ways are:
A constant and unfailing attempt to center the consciousness within the head. From this central
position the real man, the directing agency will direct and guide all his members, imposing upon the
"lunar lords" of the physical body a new rhythm and habit of response. Two factors are of value and
helpful in the production of the necessary polarisation:
The reiterated appreciation of the words "I am the Self, the Self am I."
The habit of early morning meditation wherein the Thinker centers himself in the point of control and
starts upon his day's experience and contacts with the realisation that he is only the Observer, the
Perceiver and Actor.

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