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One of the results of the world condition at this time is the speeding up of all the atomic lives upon and
within the planet. This necessarily involves the increased vibratory activity of the human mechanism,
with a consequent effect upon the psychic nature, producing an abnormal sensitivity and psychic
awareness. It would be of value here to remember that the condition of humanity at this time is not the
result of simply one factor, but of several�all of them being active simultaneously, because this period
marks the close of one age and the inauguration of the new.
The factors to which I refer are, primarily, three in number:
1. This is a transition period between the passing out of the Piscean Age, with its emphasis upon
authority and belief, and the coming in of the Aquarian Age, with its emphasis upon individual
understanding and direct knowledge. The activity of these forces, characteristic of the two signs,
produces in the atoms of the human body a corresponding activity. We are on the verge of new
knowledges and the atoms of the body are being tuned up for reception. Those atoms which are
predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to be "occultly withdrawn," as it
is called, or abstracted, whilst those which are responsive to the New Age tendencies are, in their turn,
being stimulated and their vibratory activity increased.
2. The world war marked a climax in the history of mankind, and its subjective effect was far more
potent than has hitherto been grasped. Through the power of prolonged sound, carried forward as a
great experiment on the battlefields all over the world during a period of four years (1914-1918), and
through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetary populace, the web of etheric matter (called
the "veil of the temple") which separates the physical and astral planes was rent or torn asunder, and
the amazing process of unifying the two worlds of physical plane living and of astral plane experience
was begun and is now slowly going on. It will be obvious, therefore, that this must bring about vast
changes and alterations in the human consciousness. Whilst it will usher in the age of understanding, of
brotherhood and of illumination, it will also bring about states of reaction and the letting loose of
psychic forces which today menace the uncontrolled and ignorant, and warrant the sounding of a note
of warning and of caution.
3. A third factor is as follows. It has been known for a long time by the mystics of all the world
religions and by esoteric students everywhere, that certain members of the planetary Hierarchy are
approaching closer to the earth at this time. By this I want you to infer that the thought, or the mental
attention, of the Christ and of certain of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or
focussed at this time on human affairs, and that some of Them are also preparing to break Their long
silence and may appear later among men. This necessarily has a potent effect, first of all upon Their
disciples and on those who are attuned to and synchronized with Their Minds, and secondly, it should
be remembered that the energy which flows through these focal points of the Divine Will will have a
dual effect and be destructive as well as constructive, according to the quality of the bodies which react
to it. Different types of men respond distinctively to any inflow of energy, and a tremendous psychic
stimulation is at this time going on, with results both divinely beneficent and sadly destructive.

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