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The first four chapters of this Autobiography were written during the year 1945. Chapters five and six
were written in 1947. These dates are significant in relation to world events at that time.
The first typed manuscript was rewritten in 1948. The entire writing was reread by Mrs. Bailey and
certain corrections made. Various people worked with Mrs. Bailey at different times on the text and
copies of portions were given to a few people for comment. In some cases these have not been
returned but in all cases they are incomplete, inaccurate in certain particulars and not finally approved
by her.
Four more sections of this Autobiography were planned but were never written. The mounting
pressure of the world-wide, organised work for which Mrs. Bailey was responsible, the confused and
strained conditions of humanity to which she was sensitively attuned, the sense of futility and therefore
of negativity of men of goodwill everywhere which she sought strenuously to offset, the strain of
inadequate finances for the expansion of the world-wide work and the frustration and disappointment
of inability to meet the need and often the inability to take advantage of opportunity because of mere
lack of dollars�these were some of the pressures which combined to produce a condition of utter
exhaustion. The physical vehicle was given no respite. The heart and blood condition grew steadily
During the last two years of her life she fought against these pressures and conditions with a truly iron
will. Her First Ray personality rose to the final effort in response to the demand of her soul. It was in
1946 that she made the decision to refuse invalidism. Each day therefore, as it had been her life's
custom, she worked to the limit of physical capacity regardless of fatigue or pain. She chose to go out
actively working and still on the job. This she did. Even during the last days in the hospital in New
York in 1949, she received visitors, consulted with the senior executives and wrote letters.
When the hour of death arrived her own Master K. H. came for her as He had promised long ago.

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