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In Discipleship in the New Age, Volumes I and II, certain personal instructions given by the Tibetan to
a group of disciples were made public. These instructions together with certain esoteric teaching were
first published by Alice A. Bailey, with the consent of the disciples involved, in 1944.
Unpublished manuscripts containing additional instructions and esoteric teachings as completed by
Mrs. Bailey are now available. This text was written from time to time over a period of nine years from
1935 to 1944.
In various places in the text of Glamour: A World Problem references are made to the same
discipleship group.
In the present volume certain forms of group work in meditation are included because of their
informative value and because they illustrate the practical value of the teaching given. The reader,
however, should recognise that meditations suitable for special group purposes are not in general as
effective when used as an individual exercise.
The potency of an integrated group composed of disciples who have a common vision and an
established group purpose is very great, and can be a real service to mankind. The newer Aquarian
techniques include such group endeavours. The published writings by the Tibetan and Alice A. Bailey
provide information for wise and useful experimentation in group work which is undertaken as a
spiritual world service and not as a means of spiritual unfoldment of the individual aspirant.
Such group action, voluntarily entered into, when not dominated by autocratic leadership control, and if
undertaken with due humility and caution, is greatly to be desired at the present time. Such action
should be recognized as being pioneering experimental ventures.
Groups of this sort have already appeared in various parts of the world and may well contribute to the
success of the work of the New Group of World Servers. Information about this worldwide group of
servers is given in A Treatise on White Magic and in A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II.

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