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Right down the ages, in many world cycles and in many countries (and today in all) great points of
tension have occurred which have been characterised by a hopeful sense of expectancy. Some one is
expected and His coming is anticipated. Always in the past, it has been the religious teachers of the
period who have fostered and proclaimed this expectancy and the time has always been one of chaos
and difficulty, of a climaxing point at the close of a civilisation or culture and when the resources of the
old religions have seemed inadequate to meet men's difficulties or to solve their problems. The coming
of the Avatar, the advent of a Coming One and, in terms of today, the reappearance of the Christ are the
keynotes of the prevalent expectancy. When the times are ripe, the invocation of the masses is strident
enough and the faith of those who know is keen enough, then always He has come and today will be no
exception to this ancient rule or to this universal law. For decades, the reappearance of the Christ, the
Avatar, has been anticipated by the faithful in both hemispheres�not only by the Christian faithful, but
by those who look for Maitreya and for the Boddhisattva as well as those who expect the Imam Mahdi.
When men feel that they have exhausted all their own resources and have come to an end of all their
own innate possibilities and that the problems and conditions confronting them are beyond their solving
or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for the Mediator Who will plead their
cause with God and bring about a rescue. They look for a Saviour. This doctrine of Mediators, of
Messiahs, of Christs and of Avatars can be found running like a golden thread through all the world
faiths and Scriptures and, relating these world Scriptures to some central source of emanation, they are
found in rich abundance everywhere. Even the human soul is regarded as an intermediary between man
and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divine mediator between humanity and
The whole system of spiritual revelation is based (and has always been based) on this doctrine of
interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking and of the transmission of energy from
one aspect of divine manifestation to another�from God in the "secret Place of the Most High" to the
humblest human being, living and struggling and sorrowing on earth. Everywhere this transmission is
to be found; "I am come that they may have life" says the Christ, and the Scriptures of the world are
full of the intervention of some Being, originating from some source higher than the strictly human.
Always the appropriate mechanism is found through which divinity can reach and communicate with
humanity, and it is with this communication and these Instruments of divine energy that the doctrine of
Avatars or of divine "Coming Ones" has to do.
An Avatar is one Who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a pre-ordained destiny)
to transmit energy or divine power. This is necessarily a deep mystery and was demonstrated in a
peculiar manner and in relation to cosmic energy by the Christ Who�for the first time in planetary
history, as far as we know�transmitted the divine energy of love directly to our planet and in a most
definite sense to humanity. Always too these Avatars or divine Messengers are linked with the concept
of some subjective spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritual Lives, Who are concerned with the
developing welfare of humanity. All we really know is that, down the ages, great and divine
Representatives of God embody divine purpose, and affect the entire world in such a manner that Their
names and Their influence are known and felt thousands of years after They no longer walk among
men. Again and again, They have come and have left a changed world and some new world religion
behind Them; we know also that prophecy and faith have ever held out to mankind the promise of
Their coming again amongst us in an hour of need. These statements are statements of fact, historically
proven. Beyond this we know relatively few details.
The word "Avatar" is a Sanskrit word, meaning literally "coming down from far away." Ava (as prefix
to verbs and verbal nouns) expresses the idea of "off, away, down." Avataram (comparative) farther
away. The root AV seems at all times to denote the idea of protection from above, and is used in
compounds, in words referring to protections by kings or rulers; in regard to the gods, it means
accepted favourably when a sacrifice is offered. With the result that the root word can be said to mean
"Coming down with the approval of the higher source from which it came and with benefit to the place
at which it arrives." (From Monier-Williams' Sanskrit Dictionary.)

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