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The next phase in the continuity of ageless wisdom teaching for the present and the immediate future by Tibetan Master




The first edition of this book, published in 1947, contained essays on the basic problems of humanity.
These had originally been issued in pamphlet form between October 1944 and December 1946, and
dealt essentially with conditions during and immediately after the War years of 1939-45.
In 1953 a second edition was published which omitted outdated material. A further revision was made
for the third edition in 1964. Since then, the progress made by humanity has been such that the nature
of the problems has changed to a marked degree. For example, problems relating to the world's
children continue to exist but in different forms and under different conditions to those of the post-war
period. The problems of capital, labour and employment have changed greatly in an increasingly
automated and computerised world. Significant developments within the many branches of orthodox
religion are presenting new problems within the world's faiths.
Similar comments can be made on all the problems considered. In addition, new problems are arising
under present day conditions, although these can usefully be viewed as variations and extensions of the
basic six problems discussed in this book.
So now, in 1993, when we need to reprint the book again, we have had to consider whether it would be
better to cut the original text to the bone and graft on to the skeletal structure factual data and
information supplied by other writers, or whether we should reprint the book as it stands. Because the
basic teaching on all the problems is still as sound, as dynamic and as necessary as it was when
originally written, we have decided to do the latter.
But it is important that those who study this book are aware of its history so that the essential teaching
can be recognised and absorbed and the irrelevant factors ignored. The spiritual principles to be applied
to the problems of humanity as discussed in this book are valid today and remain largely ignored by the
majority of humanity. The contribution of esoteric students in creating "the thoughtform of solution" to
human problems in a world at crisis point is a vital and practical service.

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