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The next phase in the continuity of ageless wisdom teaching for the present and the immediate future by Tibetan Master




This book is in many ways unique. Nothing like it has before been published, as far as I know. It
contains two series of talks by one of the Masters of the Wisdom to some members of His inner group,
and also a series of personal instructions, given by Him to a group of His disciples. Many of these
people were unknown to me when they were brought to my notice; some of them I have since met;
others I have never met; some I knew well and could understand why they had been chosen, knowing
that their dedication to the life of the spirit and their love of humanity warranted the choice; one or two
were regarded by me as most unsuitable choices but later I altered my point of view and recognised that
a wiser mind than mine was responsible for their inclusion in the Ashram. I learnt also that ancient
relationships, established in other lives, were also conditioning factors and that some had earned the
right to inclusion, even if their spiritual attainments seemed inadequate to the onlooker.
A good deal of the teaching given is new in form and some of it is new in fact. One point emerges with
clarity and that is: the old rules to which disciples have been subjected down the centuries still hold
good, but are susceptible of fresh and often different interpretations. The training to be given during the
coming New Age will be fitted to their more advanced development. The evolutionary progress�from
century to century�presents a steadily ripening and developing human mind upon which the Master
can work. The standard of discipleship is consequently as steadily rising. This, in itself, demands a new
approach, a wider presentation of truth and the permitting of a greater freedom of action upon the part
of the disciple. The time element is also different. In the old days, the Master gave His disciple a hint or
a point upon which to ponder and meditate or He might indicate some need for changed habits of
thought. Then the disciple went away�sometimes for years or an entire lifetime�and reflected and
thought and attempted to alter his attitudes without any particular sense of pressure. Today, in our
speedier times and when the demand of humanity for help is so outstanding, the hint has given place to
explanation and the disciple is trusted with information, hitherto withheld. He is regarded as having
reached a stage in his unfoldment at which he can make his own decisions and proceed with rapidity, if
he so chooses.
Certain definite reasons have prompted me to make these instructions available for aspirants
everywhere after requesting permission from those who received them. One is the need to bring to the
attention of the general public the fact that the Hierarchy exists, that its Members are interested in
human progress and that there is a definitely planned system of training offered by Them which can
lead a man out of the human kingdom into the Kingdom of God; that this moving forward upon the
Path of Evolution out of the fourth kingdom into the fifth can be brought about consciously,
scientifically and with the full consent and cooperation of the aspirant. The day has now come when
belief can (and does) give place to knowledge�a knowledge gained through the acceptance of a
hypothesis in the first place, a conviction that this hypothesis is backed by adequate testimony and
planned experience. The reasoning mind of the disciple can then take the successes and failures he
encounters in his training and learn the intended lessons; he finds that progress upon the Path brings a
man into closer, conscious touch with Those Who have walked this Way before and that the Way into
the Hierarchy is a way of discipline, of increasing enlightenment, of service to his fellowmen and of a
growing responsiveness to contacts and to individuals of which the average human being knows
A second reason for publishing this book is the need to change the point of view of the general public
as to the nature of these Masters Who take pupils and Who, whilst giving them the training needed to
enable them to take initiation (as it is called), reach the mass of men through their means. So much
stupidity has been demonstrated in writing and talking about the relationship of Master and disciple
that it was felt both by me and this group of disciples that the sanity, the breadth of vision, the lack of
authority, and the understanding evidenced by a Member of the Hierarchy could do nothing but good.
We found also that He was quite ready for His instructions to be made public.
A third reason was the desire to make clear a point which is continually emphasised by the Tibetan as it
is by all Masters and which is of major importance to every aspirant. Only those who are beginning to
come under the influence and the control of their own souls and are, therefore, mentally focussed and
attuned, are eligible for the training offered by the Hierarchy. Devotion, emotional reactions and
sentiment are not enough. Esoteric training is also an impersonal matter; it is concerned with the
development of soul consciousness and with the expansion of that consciousness to include, and not
exclude, all forms of life through which pulses the life and love of God. The true disciple is ever
inclusive and never exclusive. It is this inclusiveness which is the hallmark of all true esotericists.
Where it is lacking you may have an aspirant but you do not have a true disciple. There is far too much
exclusiveness extant today among esotericists and in occult schools and too much theological
separativeness. It has been felt that this Book of Instructions may do much to offset this evil tendency
and may help to open the door still wider into the Kingdom of God.

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