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This book goes out with the earnest wish that its effect may be wholly constructive and result in a
deepening of our belief in Christ and a broader recognition of the work which He came to initiate.
Many years of work as an evangelist and as a teacher in the field of Christian principles, and a difficult
cycle in which I faced the problem of my own relation to Christ and to Christianity, have brought me to
two definitely clear and clean-cut recognitions: first, a recognition of the reality of the Individuality of
Christ and of His Mission; and secondly
, a recognition that the development of the Christ Consciousness and the Christ Nature in individual
man, and in the race as a whole, carries with it the solution of our world problem. Most heartily do I
endorse the words of Arthur Weigall when he says:
"Yet the Jesus of History as distinct from the Jesus of Theology, remains `the way, the truth, and the
life'; and I am convinced that concentration upon the historic figure of our Lord and upon His teaching
can alone inspire in this Twentieth Century that fervent adherence and service which in former ages
could be obtained from the average layman by the expounding of theological dogmas, the threat of hell,
and the performance of elaborate rites and ceremonies." 2The Paganism in Our Christianity, by Arthur
Weigall, p. 16.1
The kingdom of God is now in process of rapid formation, as all those with forward-seeing vision and a
realisation of the rapidly emerging beauty and divinity of man can bear testimony. We are passing
through the transition period between the old age and the new, and the true mission of Christ, so deeply
and frequently obscured by theological implications and disputations, embodies in itself the coming
revelation. The development of humanity guarantees the recognition of Christ and His work and its
participation, consciously, in the kingdom of God.
The conscious evocation of the Christ Life in the human heart and our rapid integration into the
kingdom of God are the immediate tasks ahead, embodying our responsibility, opportunity and destiny.

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