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Man's Three Aspects
In the study of the ideas outlined in this book and their careful consideration certain basic concepts are
borne in mind:
First, that the matter of prime importance to each student is not the fact of a particular teacher's
personality but the measure of truth for which he stands, and the student's power to discriminate
between truth, partial truth, and falsity.
Second, that with increased esoteric teaching comes increased exoteric responsibility. Let each student
with clarity therefore take stock of himself, remembering that understanding comes through application
of the measure of truth grasped to the immediate problem and environment, and that the consciousness
expands through use of the truth imparted.
Third, that a dynamic adherence to the chosen path and a steady perseverance that overcomes and
remains unmoved by aught that may eventuate, is a prime requisite and leads to the portal admitting to
a kingdom, a dimension and a state of being which is inwardly or subjectively known. It is this state of
realization which produces changes in form and environment commensurate with its power.
These three suggestions will merit a close consideration by all, and their significance must be
somewhat grasped before further real progress is possible. It is not my function to make individual and
personal application of the teaching given. That must be done by each student for himself.
You have wisely guarded the teaching from the taint of superimposed authority, and there lies back of
your books no esoteric principle of hierarchical authority or support, such as has produced the narrow
limits of certain ecclesiastical bodies and groups, differing as widely as the Catholic Church, Christian
Science, those who believe in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures, and numerous (so-called) esoteric
organisations. The curse of many groups has been the whispered word that "Those who know wish...."
"The Master says...." "The Great Ones command..." and the group of silly sheep feebly and blindly
tumble over themselves to obey. They think thereby, through their misplaced devotion, to contact
certain authoritative personages, and to get into heaven by some short cut.
You have wisely guarded your books from the reaction accorded to those who claim to be masters,
adepts and initiates. My anonymity and status must be preserved, and my rank be regarded as only that
of a senior student and of an aspirant to that expansion of consciousness which is for me the next step
forward. What I say of truth alone is of moment; the inspiration and help I can accord to any pilgrim
on the path is alone vital; that which I have learned through experience is at the disposal of the earnest
aspirant; and the wideness of the vision which I can impart (owing to my having climbed higher up the
mountain than some) is my main contribution. Upon these points the students are at liberty to ponder,
omitting idle speculation as to the exact details of unimportant personalities, and environing conditions.

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