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The next phase in the continuity of ageless wisdom teaching for the present and the immediate future by Tibetan Master




A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, first published in 1925, was the third book jointly
produced and carries inherent evidence that it will stand as the major and most far-reaching portion of
the thirty-year teachings, notwithstanding the profundity and usefulness of the volumes published in the
series entitled A Treatise on the Seven Rays or of any other of the books.
During the long course of the work the minds of the Tibetan and A.A.B. became so closely attuned that
they were in effect�so far as much of the production of the teaching was concerned�a single joint
projecting mechanism. Even to the end A.A.B. often spoke of her amazement at the glimpses she
obtained through contact with the Tibetan's mind, of limitless vistas of spiritual truths which she could
not possibly have otherwise contacted, and often of a quality she could not possibly express. This
experience was the basis of her often proclaimed but frequently little-understood assertion that all the
teachings she was aiding in producing was in fact only the A B C of esoteric knowledge, and that in the
future she would gladly abandon any pronoucement in the present teaching, when she found better and
more deeply esoteric teaching available. Clear and profound as the teaching actually is in the books
published in her name, the truths imparted are so partial and subject to later revelation and expansion
that this fact, if constantly remembered, will give us a second much-needed safeguard against that
quality of the concrete mind which constantly tends to produce sectarianism.
At the very beginning of the joint effort and after careful consideration it was decided between the
Tibetan (D.K.) and A.A.B. that she as the working disciple on the outer plane should shoulder as much
as possible of karmic responsibility on that plane, and that the teaching should go to the public over her
signature. This involved the burden of leadership in the esoteric field and precipitated attack and
condemnation from persons and organisations whose positions and activities were more Piscean and
The entire platform upon which esoteric teaching stands before the public today has been liberated
from the limitations and follies of mystery, glamour, claim-making and impracticality, by the position
taken by the Tibetan and A.A.B. The stand taken against dogmatic assertion has helped to establish a
new era of mental freedom for the students of the progressively unfolding revelation of the Ageless
The age-old method of arriving at truth by the process of accepting new authorities and comparing
them with previously established doctrines, while of undoubted value in the training of the mind, is
gradually being transcended. In its place is emerging in both the religious and philosophical worlds a
new capacity to take a more scientific position. Spiritual teaching will be increasingly accepted as an
hypothesis to be proved less by scholasticism, historical foundation and authority, and more by the
results of its effect upon the life lived and its practical usefulness in solving the problems of humanity.
Heretofore, advanced esoteric teaching has almost invariably been obtainable only by the student�s
acceptance of the authority of the teacher, varying degrees of personal obedience to that teacher and
pledges of secrecy. As the new Aquarian dispensation progresses these limitations will disappear. The
personal relation of the disciple to the Master remains, but already discipleship training has been
attempted in Group formation. The record of one such experiment and attempt to use this new age
method has been made available to the public in the book entitled Discipleship in the New Age, which
gives the direct personal instructions by the Tibetan to a selected group.
In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire the Tibetan has given us what H. P. Blavatsky prophesied he would give,
Twenty-Four Books of Esoteric Philosophy


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